Baked Bar Bulk


These carts have been lab tested and are pesticide free, having a THC content of around 89.67%. However, thanks to the thc, baked bar carts are now among the best and purest carts on the market. Plus, there are numerous flavors to choose from. Furthermore, charging these carts is a breeze. Please keep in mind that the baked bar vape charger is both disposable and rechargeable.

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Baked Bar Bulk

Baked Bar Bulk
89.67% THC

Baked Bar Bulk

This comes in a sealed 1g package with a scannable barcode for verification. Lab tested baked bar carts for sale in bulk. We are extremely passionate about our products, pouring our souls into them, and believe that the consumer should always come first. Baked bar carts are made with organic terpenes and never include PG or other harsh chemicals. We now provide wholesale baked bar bulk orders. visit this website

Baked bar 1g Flavors
Sweet zz, Northern light, Bubble kush, Sour diesel (S), Blackberry kush (I), Mango gelato (H), Strawberry Cough (S), Wedding cake (H), Green Crack (S), Tropical Runtz, Gelato (H), purple haze, pineapple express (S), OG kush (H), LA confidential, blue dream (S), Jack Herer (S), White widow (H), Sherbet queen, Blue cheese, Fat banana, Sex og stimulant


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